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Healthcare Training Solutions

With the care sector more highly regulated and heavily scrutinised than ever before it’s essential for every care provider to consider quality professional health care training as a top priority for their nurses, carers and staff.

Our training can be adapted to suit all areas of the care sector. This includes Care Home Training, Domiciliary Care Training, Nursing Home Training, Learning Disability Services Training, Mental Health Services Training etc.

Training in itself however is not enough. Managers and owners need to ensure that the delivery of training is to the highest levels and to nationally recognised standards and accreditations. Healthcare Training Solutions provide just that.


Committed to raising standards in the health care industry nationwide, Healthcare Training Solutions promote excellence through learning and development to ensure you have a skilled, compliant, competent workforce. This will help ensure sustainability and profitability for your business together with wellbeing for clients.

We are proud to be part of Healthcare Management Solutions, the UK’s leading management and consultancy business, so you can be assured of unrivalled experience in care management, at all levels.


Our highly qualified team consists of experienced nurses and carers with experience in services for older people, mental health and learning disabilities, social care assessment and verification, who are all qualified trainers in their own rights (PTTLS, DTTLS, Award, Certificate & Diploma in Education and Training, Cert. Ed. Etc). They are skilled in imparting their first-hand knowledge to ensure staff undergoing training reach their full potential.
All courses are interactive and take account of all types of blended learning programmes. By agreement we can also provide bespoke training packages to dovetail with the policies and procedures of individual care providers.
We provide various types of courses across the UK that meet the regulatory bodies requirements. They cover the key areas of health care training:

  • Core Training Courses (Mandatory Training)

    Mapped to the QCF, CQC, Ofsted, CSSIW and SCQF Frameworks and regulatory requirements. These include food safety training, fire safety training, first aid training, infection control training, manual handling training, MCA / Dols Training, Safeguarding (SOVA) training.

  • Accredited Courses

    These are delivered through the following nationally recognised awarding programmes:

    • Highfield Awarding Body (HABC)
    • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

    These include First Aid Training, Manual Handling Training, Health and Safety Training, Medication Training etc.

  • Train the Trainer

    Targeted to those who want to provide ‘inhouse’ training for their teams.
    Our training course modules focus upon quality, relevance and delegate interaction. We believe in making them enjoyable yet constructive.

    These can include train the trainer in manual handling (moving and handling), train the trainer in medication awareness etc.

  • Teacher Training

    We also deliver HABC Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF)
    (PTTLS) This is aimed at:

    • individuals not currently teaching or training – achievement of the qualification does not require practice other than microteaching, unless units from the Learning and Development Suite of qualifications are selected;
    • Individuals currently teaching and training, including those new to the profession – although the qualifications does not require practice (see explanation above), opportunities may be made available to observe and provide feedback on a trainee teacher’s practice; and
    • Individuals currently working as assessors who wish to achieve a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching.

All of the training courses we offer can be provided at your site, or preferred location – anywhere in the UK. We can also provide courses to meet the regulatory requirements of CQC, CSSIW and SCSWIS.

Positive and Proactive Care: Reducing the need for restrictive interventions

We will shortly be offering full and comprehensive restrictive practice training to meet the Department of Health’s guidance – this will included behaviour that challenges and physical intervention.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to our learning experiences.

If you are interested in joining our team of trainers, please head over to our Career Opportunities page to get in touch!

Susan, Charlton Court Home Manager

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the training we have received from Jan last week.  I and a group of staff took part in the Moving and Handling training which was very informative and enjoyable. Staff felt they had learnt more on the day than they had in any previous M&H training they had received in the past. Often it’s difficult to get staff to go on training courses but because of Jan’s style and presentation is encouraging staff to go onto other courses and helping to develop their skills and knowledge.”

Kay Paul, Regional Manager

“I was just about to email you Tony to let you know that I have such positive feedback from ALL my homes, they love you. They say the training is fun, they learn a lot and get such a buzz from it.

Thank you Tony, the staff are so motivated and asking for training, result!!!”

Course Attendee - Behaviour that Challenges - 01/07/2014

“The course was very good and interesting to learn. Feel more informed and more able to approach challenging behaviours more appropriately.”

Course Attendee - Confidentiality & Data Protection - 14/07/14

“The course was very informative and the activity when we passed on information to each other showed how easy information that is confidential can be changed if people who don’t need to know the information access it”

Collisdene Care Home

“Very interesting and easy to understand, in layman’s terms. Relaxed atmosphere, learned a lot, very informative. Paul kept the course interesting, he made it clear and anything he was asked, he gave a clear answer. Excellent session, prompted us to think about what equipment was needed and location.”

Wallside Grange Care Home

“Training was well presented and interesting, refreshed our knowledge, training met my needs and delivered at appropriate level. Training very good, explained everything well.”

Course Attendee - Safeguarding - 03/07/2014

“I found Jan Ball very good in explaining SOVA in detail, I found it very interesting.”

Greyfriars Care Home

“Extremely useful know so much more about Fire safety procedure. Very informative, training was clear and appropriate. Well organized and planned, excellent knowledge base”

Course Attendee - Moving & Handling - 17/07/14

“Great course, really interesting and was told all need to know that I’d not known. Jan was great, very interesting and explained everything in great detail”

Course Attendee - Bed Rails - 30/06/2014

“Course was very interesting and informative, also relevant to my work. Easily understandable, gave a better understanding of the dangers of using bed rails.”

Wellburn Care Home

“The whole session was totally engaging, all group members were encouraged to participate. Over enthusiastic group member was managed well, good balance of information giving and relating this to experience.”

Course Attendee - Behaviour that Challenges - 21/07/14

“Was kept interesting with the use of examples and stories. Great trainer.”

Course Attendee - End of Life - 22/07/14

“Was really good, enjoyed the course and very approachable.”

Course Attendee - First Aid - 21/07/14

“The course was very informative and non-complex, very easy to understand.”

Course Attendee - Behaviour that Challenges - 22/07/14

“Excellent training course and trainer. Really well presented and interesting. A real eye opener, thank you. Brilliant course, learnt and understand behaviour that challenges more in depth.”

Course Attendee - Food Safety - 22/07/14

“I enjoyed the course and she explained a lot of the information to use and I have learnt a lot. I think the trainer was good at her job.”

Course Attendee - Dementia - 30/06/2014

“Paul Serrio was a brilliant trainer, he put a lot of things into perspective.”

Course Attendee - Food Safety - 22/07/14

“Very nice trainer. Spoke clear and I understood her fully, really enjoyed the session. I found the course very good because occasionally I cook in the kitchen so I forget things.”

Course Attendee - MCA/DOLS - 11/08/2014

“Interesting, thought provoking course introducing a difficult subject. Certainly helped me understand and explore all aspects.”

Course Attendee - Health & Safety/COSHH/Risk Assessment - 11/08/14

“Enjoyed in depth on how Health & Safety affects different situations based on real life experiences.”

Course Attendee - Food Hygiene - 11/08/14

“Interesting to know how severe the symptoms of food poisoning can get, such as collapse.”

Course Attendee - Moving & Handling - 13/08/14

“Very in depth and interesting, good basic anatomy especially for the carers.”

Course Attendee - Fire Safety - 01/09/2014

“Very good and will definitely come in useful”

Course Attendee - Health & Safety/COSHH/Risk Assessment - 14/07/14

“This course answered some of my questions and told me certain things I didn’t know”

Course Attendee - Autsim Awareness - 21/08/14

“By far the best training session I have been to. Excellent delivery of training, very interesting – Thank You.”

Course Attendee - Moving and Handling - 09/09/14

I have been in this job for four years and this is the best training for Moving and Handling I have had

Course Attendee - End of Life Care - 10/09/2014

The course was very interesting. Michelle made it very interesting and gave a good insight into end of life care.

Dementia - Carol Bailey, Regional Manager

“Helen and I have had many staff come to us after the training to say how good it was. After listening to the carers conversations and things they were saying, the training was delivered by Michelle in a way that has really made them think about the care they deliver.”

Course Attendee - Moving & Handling Train the Trainer

“The four day course has given me all the information I need to facilitate manual handling. Jan has been an excellent facilitator, all the course materials are relevant and useful. 5/5 well done.”

Julie Williams - Guardian Care

“First things first, what brill training sessions the staff had at Guardian Care this week. The feedback I had was excellent, it took me 20min to walk from one end of Mayfield to the other, with staff stopping me and talking to me what they would like to introduce on their units and some of their ideas. I think it would be a good idea to monitor this and I will feed
you the results of any changes. This Wednesday and Thursday Elaine had the same shift and spoke to me of her own feedback  of the staff, so  I too
have spoken to their clinical leads and unit managers and have conveyed over what a good bunch they were at the sessions. So thank you for your feedback Elaine, very much appreciated”

Course Attendee - Nutrition & Hydration

“Elaine kept the training interesting and fun which we are very grateful for. I found it useful, I learnt a lot about food and nutrition that I didn’t know before.”

Course Attendee - Food Safety

“Good session, kept it interesting. Please come back :)”

Course Attendee - Dementia

“Fantastic course, very informative. Delivery great including personal reflections and stories.”

Course Attendee - Tissue Viability

“Learner participation excellent, keeps people interested. I enjoyed this session and understand more about bed sores and ulcers.”

Course Attendee - Basic Life Support

“Really enjoyed the coursed, very informative.”

Course Attendee - Confidentiality & Data Protection

“Great course, Paul always makes it interesting.”

Course Attendee - Behaviours that Challenge

“Great course, great trainer. Thank you.”

Course Attendee - Health & Safety/COSHH/Risk Assessment

“I think the trainer explained everything well and used good examples to help points to be understood and put in context.”


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